Tanzania Global 4-H Network Summit

3rd Global 4H Summit 2023

Tanzania 4H Organization is cordially welcoming all 4H Organizations to send participants to third Global 4H Summit in Arusha, Tanzania.  African region and Tanzania is proud to host the summit and warmly welcomes members, volunteers, professionals and board members to Tanzania.

World is changing incredibly fast, we feel that 4H is Inspiring youth for change. There are huge political, social, health, environmental and economic challenges that youth face today. If provided with skills and very good communication, life skills and entrepreneurial attitude, young people will be better equipped to make the best better in their lives. 4H has got grassroots level solutions to big problems. And with the summit we want to find local / regional solutions to global problems.

Global 4H Network gathers 4H’ers globally

For more than 110 years, 4-H has proven itself to be a successful positive youth development model, thriving in more than 70 countries around the world. Tanzania 4H Association, hosting the third Global 4-H Summit after successfully held summits in Korea and in Canada.

In those countries where the 4-H movement prospers, our youth members have developed their leadership to a surprising level, serving as outstanding leaders in their communities.



  • To bring together 500 4H youth, volunteers, professionals and board members
  • To share experience in UN Sustainability Goals and to brainstorm actions for 4H programmes globally to address the goals that are most significant to youth
  • To give a platform for regional networks to meet in person



  • To ensure that youth voice is heard globally
  • International platforms available for youth to cooperate
  • To have 10 actions, that all 4H organizations worldwide can commit to
  • To strengthen Global 4H movement by Global network


How to register?

  • Registration form will be on website of Tanzania 4H Organization
  • Registration ends by 15th June 2023
  • Organizations register their own members, 15 per organization
  • Registrations made for 2020 postponed summit need to confirm their participation

by registering. If the payment was made already, no extra payment is requested.

This allows organizations to change the individuals, as organizers understand plans may

have changed due to long waiting time.

  • Cooperation parties, sponsors, facilitators are registered through same form

NOTE! Early bird registration deadline April 30th 2023.



  • Organizers will plan activities so that the event can be organized safely, considering the recommendations given by public health authorities
  • Delegates need to ensure their travelling is safe and obey regulations given by air carriers and authorities

Get Involved for 3rd Global 4H Summit 2023

The organizing committee of Global 4-H Network Summit 2023 in Tanzania would like to cordially invites you to the 3rd Global 4-H Network Summit which is scheduled to take place on 7th to 12th August, 2023.