"Ordinary members"

The 4H members are girls or boys between the age of 6 and 25 years, living in

Tanzania. Members are advised to:

  • Start an income-generating project using own labor and having proper records.
  • Attend regular club meetings and other 4H-activities.
  • Plant not less than two trees annually, take care of them, and become a pioneer in all environmental conservation activities in her or his community.
  • Pay annual/Subscription /membership fee.
"Associate members"

Associate 4H members are above 25 years of age and they are adults with 4H youth members, who continue to be active in 4H programmes. Associate members pay annual subscription fee.

"Honorary members"

Honorary members are adults or corporate bodies who believe in 4H ideas and principles, are committed and to financially and materially support the 4H activities. Honorary members are not necessarily active members. They make monthly or annual contribution to 4H.