Tanzania 4-H has been implementing the programmes that promotes democratic and gender balance awareness among youth during the election of club leaders and while conducting club business. Youth acquire such skills and knowledge during social gatherings, youth camps, programs and presentation in the special events of 4H.

  • Take a lead program

The take a lead program was implemented as a need to share experience and to learn from other organisations in the world by sharing knowledge and skills and building capacities of the 4-H Organisations from Africa, Europe and Europe in leadership, volunteerism and entrepreneurship. The intention was to amplify the opportunities for 4-H in Africa, Europe and America to increase their knowledge of the social and cultural situation as well as to be able to intensify the co-operation with other 4-H and rural youth organisations worldwide. Funded by Finnish Foreign Ministry and jointly implemented with Finnish 4H Federation.

  • Leadership institute

Tanzania 4-H Organization and US 4-H Council have been running the project intended to provide training for African-based 4-H leaders and mentors about positive youth development, agricultural innovation and research-based farming practices. Funded by Bill & Melinda Foundation, DuPont through 4-H US Council.