• Tanzania Agriculture Productivity Program (TAPP)

This capacity building training for district advisors featured the making of sustainable demonstration plots (or gardens) to them be used for the training, methodology and education of other small-scale farmers in Tanzania.

Through the US-AID TAPP award program, 652 youth advisors from Tanga region participated in ‘Training of the Trainer’ modules where they learned about agriculture, entrepreneurial and life skills to take back with them to their club members. The overall goals were to pass on information to youth of how to increase agricultural production, improve food security and give them future employment opportunities.

  • Enterprise gardens

Sponsored by DuPont, the 4-H Enterprise Garden initiative enables the testing of the Global Network model in Tanzania which is providing technical assistance to 34,000 children, adolescents and young adults learning how to boost agricultural productivity by changing from the subsistence model to commercial gardens


  • Global knowledge center

The project that was sponsored by DuPont and BMGF is one of the 4-H Hub of Excellence presented during take a lead training in Tanzania. The developing the Global 4-H Knowledge Center—a virtual repository of agriculture and positive youth development content was one of the important milestones for the 4-Hers worldwide.

The global knowledge center, establishes knowledge systems that will provide 4-H and other organizations with access to high-quality agricultural information and resources; http://www.4-hglobalknowledge.org


  • Youth clubs and members projects

Tanzania 4-H Organization works to encourage youth to participate in entrepreneurship activities in agriculture, livestock keeping, domestic science, leadership, and home craft by educating them on topics ranging from agriculture to technology to healthy living.

Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) and Tanzania 4H organization participated implementation of Project “Opportunities for Youth Employment –Agriculture and Renewable Energy.  The project has been implemented in three districts of Tanga which are Tanga, Lushoto and Muheza. 4H Tanzania provided various types of training to the selected youth including Basic Life Skills (BLS), Business Development Skills (BDS), As per project results framework 4H Tanzania as Local Service Provider (LSP) conducted Youth selection, the groups formation, coaching and mentorship of 12 4H-OYE groups, which were dealing with Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS), Solar and Biogas. The other groups that 4H Tanzania dealt with Dairy Farming and Vegetable Farming. The groups had component of Youth Saving and Lending Schemes (YSLA). The total groups saving through YSLA up to 31st October, 2017 was Tshs 12million.  The 4H – OYE project benefited 158 youths and the group formation had involved 115 participants aged between 18 to 30 years .

Kingoluwira Youth Training Centre-Morogoro

Finnish Federation of Settlement Association(Finland) and Tanzania 4H Organization has built Kingoluwira Youth Centre in Morogoro that will provide a space for Youth training and  Youth club activities outside Morogoro which will be facilitated at Kinguluwira Youth Centre. After it’s fully completion, the centre is expected to provide youth tailored activities in Morogoro. The centre is expected to provide youth tailor-made programs and vocational skills.

4H Tanzania is looking for partners to work with to complete the remaining structures and enable it to operate at its full capacity as per its construction purposes.